Limitless customization

There are literally thousands of ways to customize our software so you can give each client exactly the experience they want. TazWorks is there for any use case, allowing you to expand into new markets and take advantage of new opportunities—or just make sure your software matches your brand perfectly.

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Gather information directly from applicants

No more deciphering handwriting or copying and pasting. Using our QuickApp process, applicants can securely fill out an online form that will automatically fill in everything you need to be able to jump straight to processing.

allow applicants to do your work for you  

Use automated verifications to save time

Cut out phone tag and faxing by requesting and receiving customizable verifications online while staying secure and compliant.

move faster with quickverify 

Robust decision making tools

Quickly and impartially analyze credit, criminal, and eviction history based on your specific client’s requirements and preferences. Eliminate inconsistency, save time, and simplify compliance using basic tools or advanced weighting and configurations.

standardize and automate decisions  

Continuous monitoring on search results

Get updates whenever new information is added to your completed search results on applicants throughout the year, so you and your clients don’t get caught unawares. A background check doesn’t have to be a one-time thing if you don’t want it to be.

stay in the know all year long  

Achieve excellence with our QA tools

Take advantage of a host of options that allow you to create new queues for QA review, prevent reports from being seen by clients until the exact moment you choose, and tons more.

Take your quality to the next level  

Deliver consumer reports and disclosures instantly

Send consumer reports such as consumer copies, adverse action letters, and custom disclosures directly to applicants electronically. Know you’re staying compliant and secure while giving applicants the easiest access possible.

USe quickview for instant disclosures 

Get the world at your fingertips

Pick from 39 different data vendors (and counting!), so you can learn everything you need to and get the right source for the job every time.

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Integrate with all the software your clients already use

82% of CRAs say that integrations with applicant tracking systems and property management systems are important to gain and retain clients—which is why we have more than any other background screening software, and a full team devoted to expanding even more.

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Our Clients Love us!

TazWorks has really increased our capability to do so much more business without increasing our efforts. The whole system is just phenomenal.

TazWorks has the best product on the market.

A mission-critical tool for us.

It is a solid product and exceeds other options on the market.

The software is great to use—our clients love it and there are many features that we like about it.

We just made the switch last year and it has raised our productivity level to the point that when one of our employees left, we did not have to hire a replacement & saw no decrease in work flow.

We’re always looking for an edge. TazWorks gives us that along with a lot of other tools to work with.