Make a BIG first impression

Our beautiful and modern UI will awe potential clients and help them know they're in good hands, with people who prioritize quality above all and never skimp, whether it's on design or all the little things behind the scenes.

Focus in with our intuitive navigation

Know at a glance what's happening and where to focus your attention, so you always know where to go and how to get everything done.

Check in on the go

Access the information you need on the go with our responsive design that responds and adjusts to your tablet or phone.

Customized to fit your brand and clients perfectly

TazWorks is a fully white-label software, so you have complete control to customize the appearance and functionality of every part of our system just the way you—and each of your individual clients—want.

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Switching is as easy as can be, too

We’ve handled hundreds of CRA transitions—and thousands of their clients and users—so we know just what to do and how to make sure your switch is seamless. Let us guide you through every step of the process so you never struggle at any point.

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Our Clients Love us!

An easy-to-use platform that is pliable and friendly to customer use, from novice to expert.

We've demoed other companies, and Taz is hard to compete with. Taz is very ‘point & click.’ I really like the simplicity.

Walking new clients through on how to use the system is very easy. I always get comments back when we're done that they feel it is easy as well. I know regardless of their tech level, they will get it and they will be able to use and understand the system.