New drug testing provider: i3screen

We’ve been working hard over the last year to significantly expand our drug screening capabilities to give you more power than ever to do everything you need to. We are releasing a new integration with i3screen that can take your drug testing program to new heights.

Viva Las Vegas: TazWorks at HR Tech 2017

TazWorks is here to partner, collaborate, and build solutions in concert with some of the most innovative technology and software companies in the world. What better way to connect our industry-leading software with others and create the integrations you need than at the world’s leading Human Resource technology conference?

How TazWorks keeps your data secure

In 2015, cybercrime cost over $400 billion, and by 2019, it’s estimated that it will cost companies over 2 trillion dollars. Don’t be one of those casualties. By choosing TazWorks, you’re not just using our software. You’re also taking advantage of our rigorous security practices to make sure you, your business, your clients, and your applicants stay safe.

Transitioning TazWorks to TLS 1.2

On December 5, 2017, we will be disabling support for the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 encryption protocols to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity. Make sure you know everything you need so you don't lose access to TazWorks.

22 questions to evaluate applicant tracking systems and choose the perfect ATS for your organization

Applicant tracking systems can help you manage your job postings, applicants, hiring, and more—but with so many out there, how do you find the right one?

Introducing the new TazSupport!

We're expanding our support services to include live chat, a support portal, and self-help documentation... and lots more to come!

Finding the perfect HR technology for your company: Part 1

The war for talent is accelerating around the world. Get a competitive advantage by learning the two most important things to pick the right HR software.

We’re going to SHRM—will you help us while we’re there?

Please tell us the top HRIS and ATS integrations on your wishlist!

7 customer service tips for insanely high client retention

Learn how we achieved a greater than 90% retention rate and 93% customer satisfaction with our employees.

Quest & InstaScreen have partnered for our most robust drug screening capabilities yet

We’ve significantly expanded our drug screening capabilities to give you and your clients powerful tools to manage everything and make the process as easy as possible for applicants.