Customization for every aspect of the background screening process

Make sure every step and piece of our software works exactly the way you want it to—and more importantly, the way your clients want it to. We know your clients have different needs and preferences, which is why you can configure our software separately for each of them. There are literally thousands of ways to customize TazWorks, but these are just a few examples:

  • Criteria for report decision tools
  • User & order certifications
  • Personal information masking
  • Custom disclosure sets
  • Vendor preferences for each search type
  • Granular permissions for each CRA and client user
  • Communication preferences
  • As many products as you want to create
  • Which product offerings are available for each client
  • QA workflow settings
  • Jurisdiction selection configuration
  • Management reports
  • Billing & invoicing per client
  • Integrations with third parties
  • And so much more...

Branding to match your company

Customize your logo and themes for the site and reports to give your clients a cohesive experience. TazWorks is a fully white-label service, so you get all the credit.

Beyond the basics

Create an enterprise experience with our pro customization options.

Multiple brands and affiliate sites

Create multiple versions of your TazWorks site for different clients to access with different branding and configuration, while allowing all of them to connect together on the backend so you only have to go one place to manage and process orders.


Single sign-on

Skip the extra login for your biggest clients by giving them direct access that’s still fully secure and controlled.

Learn more about how single sign-on works