Quality Assurance Tools

• Option to set your individual searches within a report to never show until your entire         report has been completed, which can allow your client to make the most informed     decisions possible.
• Enables your QA procedures to include a two-step process for additional report review.
• Confirmation messages help make sure your reports are not accidentally passed out of QA.

Configurable on a client and individual user level

• Configure preferences on a per client basis allowing you to customize your QA process with greater flexibility based on your policies and procedures.
• Manage your employee permissions to decide which processors can access and approve reports in the QA queue.

Choose your QA options

• Option to require your processors complete a full QA review for every report you send out to your clients.
• Allow processors to optionally complete out your individual searches and reports or send to QA review if not selected by default.
• Option to just hide your individual search results until the entire report is marked complete without additional QA steps.

Easily manage each step of the QA process

• Allow individual searches within your reports to be sent to QA as they are completed without waiting for the entire report to be ready.
• Separate QA queue specifically for your reports waiting for review. 
• Sort all your pending reports by status, including QA review status.
• Optional email to the processor or processors of your choice whenever your report goes to QA status.
• “Pending” report status displayed for clients until all your searches and QA for your entire report is completed.

Keep accurate records

• Timestamp in internal report notes added when quality review is completed.
• Analyze average and total QA time in your Time Service Reports to understand how your business is running.