Very impressed with TazWorks in every way. Customer service is the best. Knowledgeable and patient staff.

In just the two years we’ve been using TazWorks, the amount of members has increased and our revenue has increased.

They are always interested in what I have to say.

This has been one of the best decisions I made for my company.

It is a solid product and exceeds other options on the market.

Walking new clients through on how to use the system is very easy. I always get comments back when we're done that they feel it is easy as well. I know regardless of their tech level, they will get it and they will be able to use and understand the system.

TazWorks is awesome—proactive and the best of the best in security and offering new technology.

The QuickApp features that we love, our members love, and even our applicants love, have really met the needs of our members.

A strong 'Can-Do' attitude. The TazWorks crew are ALL wonderful people.

TazWorks has really increased our capability to do so much more business without increasing our efforts. The whole system is just phenomenal.

The ability for an applicant to sign forms electronically and eliminate the paper has been a huge benefit to our customers.

Our phone tag problem has been eliminated using QuickVerify. Our overall turnaround time for completed verifications decreased from two business days to less than one business day on average.

TazWorks has the best product on the market.

The whole transition was super easy from our previous vendor. They were so helpful, and they continue to always be there when I need them—the customer service is just amazing. I have zero regrets.

Great partnership. We see them as an extension of our screening business.

The ability to send consumer copies and adverse action letters to an applicant electronically & securely saves us time, effort and money.

I love that support is so accessible, and that when I call them, I will get a familiar person on the line who is knowledgeable about the software and our needs as a business.

We wouldn’t be able to keep up if we had to manage feature requests and updates on our own due to the expense and expertise required, so it’s wonderful to have a partner who allows us to keep up with the big fish. For TazWorks to be a partner and support us in this way means the world.

I'm very satisfied with TazWorks in general, and delighted with the people in the client support functions.

The staff is outstanding. The customer service is the best I've experienced.

We’re always looking for an edge. TazWorks gives us that along with a lot of other tools to work with.

We just made the switch last year and it has raised our productivity level to the point that when one of our employees left, we did not have to hire a replacement & saw no decrease in work flow.

A company that has similar goals as the CRAs, listens to our needs, and proactively makes advancements and changes in the technology to help CRAs stay competitive in the marketplace.

TazWorks represents an ideal background check platform. The way they have designed it allows us as a CRA to meet the demands of clients from small to big.

We've demoed other companies, and Taz is hard to compete with. Taz is very ‘point & click.’ I really like the simplicity.

An easy-to-use platform that is pliable and friendly to customer use, from novice to expert.

A technology leader and pioneer for background screening companies.

I think our values align and I like the people.

QuickApp has been one of the best features we have seen, that we’ve been able to use for every client.

TazWorks has some of the most professional people I know. I appreciate their dedication to excellence and to the industry.

No complaints ever, best service.

TazWorks’ ability to stay up to date on all the issues in the background screening business and constantly updating their software to keep us in compliance is worth every penny we pay. Their ability to not just keep up but even stay ahead of the industry is great. I have complete confidence in them.

The support team is very responsive.

A mission-critical tool for us.

I like how everyone seems very nice and very helpful every time I call.

The software is great to use—our clients love it and there are many features that we like about it.

Support is always available when I need help.