Get up and running as quickly as you can

Our standard transition time is 2-3 weeks to get you fully trained and set up to begin receiving your first orders, but we can customize that pace for whatever’s easiest for you. We have all the tools to get you ready even faster if you’re committed to jumping in quickly, or we can help you make the switch gradually to help you feel comfortable.

Making the transition is easy when you have all the resources below available to you.

Go through our thorough operational discovery process

We make sure we learn everything about you before we even get started, so nothing falls through the cracks. Whether it’s how you process orders, your organizational philosophy, or what vendors and integrations you need, we cover it all.

View our CRA onboarding questionnaire  

Work with a dedicated onboarding rep

We’ll have someone with you every step of the way to hold your hand, answer your questions, share resources with you, provide advice, and help you configure your system in the way that makes the most sense for your business. And if you’re an enterprise CRA, we’ll even send someone out to your office, so they’ll literally be sitting right next to you to get your TazWorks experience just right. You don’t ever have to be left wondering.

It doesn’t stop after onboarding, either. Once you’re all set up, you’ll still have access to our best-in-class support team.

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Import all your resources automatically

Worried about the hundreds or thousands of clients and users you have set up? Send us your client and user information and we’ll work with you to batch import everyone and even set up all their permissions on the new system, making the move a snap. It’s far easier than you think.

Our easy billing process supports Quickbooks and many other accounting systems, so your revenues will be accounted for throughout process without any hiccups.

Transition your ATS & PMS clients with our integrations team

We know integrations are vital to your company’s success and your clients’ loyalty. That’s why we have a full team dedicated to building out new integrations and overseeing any implementations required for your move to TazWorks. We already have over 8,500 client implementations in place, so we know exactly what your clients need to get up and running. Visit our partner list to see if we already have your solution in place—or if it’s not on the list, we can build it. Let's collaborate on the best way to create what you need.

View our Integrations   

Become a screening software expert through our focused training program

We’ve developed a two-week structured training program to cover all the basics and dive deep into all the features you need to succeed so you can take full advantage of our software. It’s free for you and your staff—plus, you can repeat the classes whenever you want to brush up or train your new employees. And once it's over, in addition to our support, we have an on-demand library of training videos and documentation to supplement your learning experience.

Delight your clients with the easiest system they've ever used

Our system is so easy to use, CRAs have repeatedly told us they don’t even have to train their clients to use it—it’s just that simple. Give your clients the best experience possible with our intuitive UI.

Learn more about how easy TazWorks is to use  

Enjoy a risk-free ramp-up period

We know that even with all this, sometimes you’re not able to move as quickly as you like. You’re busy, and we get that. That’s why we waive your monthly minimum as you’re getting started, allowing you to transition at your own pace and only pay for what you’re actually using until you’re ready to launch fully.

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Our Clients Love us!

TazWorks has really increased our capability to do so much more business without increasing our efforts. The whole system is just phenomenal.

The whole transition was super easy from our previous vendor. They were so helpful, and they continue to always be there when I need them—the customer service is just amazing. I have zero regrets.

We just made the switch last year and it has raised our productivity level to the point that when one of our employees left, we did not have to hire a replacement & saw no decrease in work flow.