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If you’re looking for the best background screening technology provider, you’ve come to the right place.

Screening agencies are looking for the industry’s leading software to conduct their business. In order to stay competitive, you need the best background screening technology provider to deliver the most efficient tools for the job. By choosing TazWorks, you benefit from our budget, commitment, and expertise to creating the best product when it comes to enterprise-grade background screening software.

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If offering background checks and screening is part of your business, then you need to offer the best solution in the market. TazWorks’ talented software development team, paired with the best in technological tools, delivers the industry’s most Simple. Powerful.™ background check software. Offering XML (eXtensible Markup Language) background check software, as well as employee screening software, criminal background check software and tenant screening software, TazWorks has everything you need to provide a fully developed background screening service for your clients

TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ is a Simple. Powerful.™ background screening Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, delivered right to your browser. InstaScreen™ is safe and secure, and TazWorks offers outstanding customer support to keep our clients connected 24/7.

“Collaboration is the power behind the screening tools and features we develop into our background check platform. Our clients are constantly telling us how much they appreciate being a part of the feature development process.” – TazWorks’ founder, Barton Taylor

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We Have Reorganized to Better Serve You

July 23, 2015
Among TazWorks’ top priorities are innovation and dedication to our clients’ success. Our strategic vision coupled with excellent customer service is what makes InstaScreen extraordinary. As we grow, TazWorks remains committed to our core values of offering industry-leading software and providing superior service to our clients. Continue reading →

TazWorks Integrates With 21 New Data Providers

June 2, 2015

Are you working harder than you need to? Consider taking advantage of all available search interfaces. In the last year, TazWorks has implemented 21 new interfaces from a variety of data providers. Note below how the new integration with County Civil searches remain underutilized compared to the longstanding integrations County Criminal searches. Automation leads to efficiency, which ultimately puts more dollars in your pocket! Continue reading →

Strategic Partnership Between TazWorks and I-9 Advantage Simplifies the Form I-9 and E-Verify® Process

March 30, 2015

TazWorks LLC, a leading background screening software provider, is partnering with I-9 Advantage, a leading cloud-based Form I-9 compliance and E-Verify solution provider, to simplify the hiring process by streamlining background checks with automated employment eligibility and verification compliance procedures. Continue reading →